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Your Time To Shine 2019

March 8, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Virtual Group Coaching

Teaching Women To Put Themselves First

Self care begins and ends with YOU!

More than pampering yourself with a pedi, massage, or a long hot bath with sea salts and candles, self care goes deeper into how kind and compassionate we are with ourselves.  

Self care is taking the time needed to recover, from anything. A trip to the grocery store or a trip around the world.  

Self care is getting to know your core values.  

Self care is the ability to make self empowering decisions.  

 Do you feel like you are over obligated each and every day? 

 Taking time for yourself makes you more creative, productive, and relieves chronic stress.

  What would it look like to take your power back while nourishing your Soul? 

Who do you get to be in 2019 when you stop sweeping yourself under the rug? Imagine the possibilities...  

We know how to take care of our bodies. But how much time and attention do we pay to our minds?

This is not about being selfish. This about restoring your enthusiasm and vitality. Replenshing your soul with joy, passion and purpose!  

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I believe every single one of us hold the power to initiate and maintain our own wellness. Most of us give that power away on a daily basis.  

This is the program I use to teach you to truly love yourself. Discovering what's important to you. How to take a stand for yourself, your ideals, and goals while kicking fear and judgement to the curb.  

We begin where you are. 

Imagine waking up and feeling like everyday is an opportunity to really play at life, embracing curiosity, exploring ideas that you may have tucked away because you were told it was silly or frivolous. 

Picture a life full of conscious choices. Mental clarity. Empowerment. Worthiness-I am enough. 

You do not need permission from others to take the actions that allow you to invest in yourself.

How will your life change when you allow yourself to pause?

Strategies. Action Steps. Accountibility.  

Creating new habits while experiencing a big shift in your life doesn't always come easy, thats why it's imperative to have a container of support that is designed for personal transformation. I will be holding that space for you to step into new habits, ideas, and goals.

Life is ever evolving, and so are you. Let's step into your possibilities together!  

  February 1, 2019-May 31, 2019

What I know.

I know I was the worst offender of self care. 

The more I did in one day meant less to do tomorrow. FALSE 

I know I slept less than 5 hours night. BAD. 

I know I was pleased with my amazing ability to spin all my plates at the same time. Insanity.

I know I experienced burn out numerouse times.True. 

I know women are taught to take care of others first. True.

Most women will suffer sleep deprivation and illness before taking the time to seek care or help. True.

Women's physical, mental and spiritual health are compromised daily. True.

  • Twice as many women suffer from depression as men and only 1/3 will ever receive care.
  •  1 in 8 women develop breast cancer.
  • 84% of women are unhappy with their bodies.
  • 3 out 4 women have an eating disorder.
  • The majority of people living with auto-immune diseases are women.


I believe women are stuck in an old stereotypical paradigm of who we think we should be and not living in an honest alignment of who we are. 

Always ready to give more of ourselves when the truth is we are in need of rest and self care.

It's time to take a stand for yourself. To stand in pure confidence, not just knowing, but believing wholeheartedly you deserve to fill your cup first!

I'm inviting you in to a 4 month container of discovery, support, and honest introspection. 

Leaning into our divine feminity, creating a community of sisterhood and support.

 I will hold this space for you to discover, grow and shift that old paradigm.

We will be stretching our comfort zones. 

We will be learning the power of simple, joyful and easy. 

We will be scheduling time for our minds and bodies to assimilate this new paradigm.

We will honor every women that joins us. 

When you show up whole and full of sparkle, you give permission to other women to do the same.

Your Time To Shine 2019 4 month program includes:

  • 2 worksheets per month delivered via email
  • 2 live online www.Zoom.us Meetings hosted by April. Dates TBA
  • Email Support

March 2019

  • The Life Wheel-This is my life today.
  •  Cultivating quiet-Meditation for introspection and clarity.

April 2019

  •  Core Values-What's important to me.
  •  Boundaries-What they are and why I need them

May 2019

  •  Mindfulness-The power of words
  •  Turning the Negative into Positive

June 2019

  •  Intuition-How you already know
  •  Gratitude-Bringing grace into focus

Your Time To Shine is for women who know there is more to be had in this lifetime and are ready to take action on their own behalf. You may 'have it all' or so it seems, because you can feel that little tug of regret, living your life safely, not taking that opportunity they all said was crazy. You're a caregiver, most women are, imagine how it would feel, filling your cup first, to be fulfilled, satisfied with your choices because you really know what it is you desire.

This program is valued at $1997.00 and to serve as many women as possible, I am offering Your Time To Shine at the lowest price ever. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity for personal tranformation. This will be the last offering at the all in investment of $387.00! 

Questions? Email me at zensations316@gmail.com  

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