Are you running your life OR is your life running you?

If you're ready to take the reins back, keep reading.

Lately, you're working harder and harder, and honestly, you're so tired. 

It feels like you’re just going through the motions.

Your relationships feel like an obligation—it seems like someone always wants something from you. And you can’t remember the last time you did anything fun.

But you have accomplished a lot. You have a job you love (or at least you used to). 

You know working harder is not the answer. And you’re ready to free yourself from all the “shoulds.”

What if instead you...

  • wake up feeling content, knowing your list isn’t going to bury you today. In fact, all the pieces in your life are already in order—without you doing a thing. 
  • confidently delegate tasks you dread doing. 
  • actually have time to enjoy that cup of coffee in peace.
  • have time to get to the gym again, and it’s fun. 
  • are only in relationships that feel nurturing.
  • enjoy food knowing you are nourishing your body.

You’re ready to say “it’s time for me! No more settling for less.”

Hi, I’m April Cacciatori.

I know what it’s like to wake up one day and think “Is this really what my life is about?” 

Wake, eat, work, eat, sleep & repeat.

That’s why I became a BodyMind Coach and why I guide women through the ever-challenging transitions we face as we navigate this thing called life.

I know you secretly dream of being alone on a tropical island for many months with a cabana person delivering all your requests. I’m with you! But we both know that’s not what you’re really searching for. 

You want that “something more” that fulfills your heart and soul. For that authentic feeling of being one with the world.

It comes down to these 2 questions:

What do you want?

Are you ready to go for it? 

Introducing My Soul’s Compass

A 4 month guided program for smart, capable women who are ready to stop listening to that nagging voice in their head that says “who do you think you are?” and “you 'should' be doing it this way.”

Say yes to:

  • waking up and feeling like every day is an opportunity to really play at life.
  • embracing curiosity, exploring ideas that you may have tucked away because you were told it was silly or frivolous.
  • making choices that nourish and nurture you.
  • being yourself, whoever that may be, no more roles to fill.
  • de-clutter your life by saying no with love.
  • tapping into your intuition.
  • stepping into your purpose by feeding your desire.

You don't need permission from others to take the actions that allow you to invest in yourself.

How will your life change when you fill your cup first?

And finally, stand tall and confident knowing “I’ve got this” and I don’t have to sell my soul. 

Strategies. Action Steps. Accountability.  

Enrollment OPEN!

Right about now is when women usually say: 

“I really want to do this, but…

.. now’s not the right time,”

“I have to check with my spouse, or”

“It’s not in my budget, maybe next time.”

I hear you. Can I be blunt?

There’s never a “right time.” 

I know your spouse has your best interests in mind. I’m curious, what insight will they be able to provide you on your inner desires? 

If money weren’t a consideration, would you be all In?

If you’re saying yes, how might you find the money to invest in you?

If your heart is saying “Yes,” but your head is saying “I’m not sure,” I’d love to help you make a confident decision.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call here:

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Here's all the details:

The 4-month program begins November 6, 2021

  • Biweekly group coaching Zoom calls to teach a self-care topic and how you will implement it in your life so you can embody the aligned desire in your everyday life. (Zoom calls will be recorded for easy access) 
  • 4 Steps to Clearing the Soul-Sucking Webs that Bind You
  • Custom email/Voxer support to keep you moving past any places you get stuck. 
  • Scheduled Saturday Office Hours for Q&A Live on Facebook.

Plus...unexpected surprises to bring joy into your experience.



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