Honor Your Pause-Adirondack Retreat

 September 28-30, 2018

 It Really Is All About You

It's time. Time to experience your vibe within a tribe. Our tribe. Sisters. Taking time out of our busy lives to tap into our intuiton, our truth and our vision. Exploring what is sacred and beautiful about ourselves.  

Passion. Purpose. Possibilty. Say it out loud. Passion. Purpose. Possibilty. Life wasn't meant to be lived in mediocrity. If youre seeking a nurturing space to find the clarity and tools you need to navigate the chapter of your life, join us for 2 nights 3 days in rustic comfort. It's time for you to step up.

 My retreat groups have limited avalibilty to keep the focus on our goals. This date was just added to my schedule and is priced to fill quickly. Click below to register, place deposit or pay in full.

This retreat weekend is designed to implement the action steps necessary for you to create new possibilities.

It really is all about you.

"When we are carrying the burden of our unprocessed pain, sooner or later it will inconvenience us."

-Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM

It's time for a deep dive into your heart and soul. It's time step out of that not so comfortable comfort zone you're hiding in. The world you live in sees you as a woman that has got her shit together, and you think you do too, for the most part...the truth is you are totally maxed out, overwhelmed and addicted to your own busy-ness. You do it all, family, home, job, aging parents, and procrastination has been creeping in. Maybe you're feeling some brain fog. Maybe doing it all compounded with a life change, THE life change that has you wishing for a sign. A new set of directions, a GPS reset. I know, I get it. I ignored my signs too. Until I finally said yes to me. I signed up for my first retreat over 3 years ago. The exact shift I needed. The support I was looking for. The community of Sisterhood I never expected would become my finest life teacher's. So powerful I was compelled to teach. My vision today is to be the catalyst that propels YOU into action. 

Just imagine what could be if you were rested and reconnected to your heart. It's time you were the priority. 

What We Will Be Covering


You will dive deep into your core values and who you think you are. You may be hanging on to things that really don't serve you anymore. And you're not alone, as you will discover in our group setting of likeminded women sharing this journey. 


You're still stuck in the cycle of giving your energy away. Learn how boundaries create freedom and fulfillment. Cultivating quiet, a simple practice of meditation, will bring you your intuitive guide. Tools for living with presence, connected to your dreams and goals.

Action Steps

Your Action Steps begin with saying YES to YOU!

Intentions, Affirmations, Goal Setting, and Journaling will be introduced.

You will create your own personal action plan to take home with you.

"We get a finite amount of time in this life, why wouldn't we live it to our fullest capacity everyday!" -April

 My retreat groups have limited avalibilty to keep the focus on our goals. This date was just added to my schedule and is priced to fill quickly. Click below to register place, deposit or pay in full.